How it work
"We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in"
Notice a change in your revenue after
30 days
Get a consultation
24 hours
Step 1
After the publisher/developer submits contact information with a link to their website/app, we will progress evaluation.
Step 2
Based on the status of your site, we will advise on what can be improved to increase revenue. All you need to do is listen and give your opinion whether you agree with our strategy or not at any point. All are solved in this step.
Step 3
After agreeing on the appropriate strategy and terms for Netlink's customers, publishers can test-run ads for one month. After this period, if it feels appropriate, we will proceed to sign a contract for long-term cooperation.
Step 4
To be able to plan your publisher's next steps, we'll need to know what your future plans are. That is the basis for us to find the right advertising strategy, ready to support and help you overcome all difficulties.
Built for
  • Ad Manager and Google AdSense Publishers
  • Mobile app publishers and developers
Meet requitement of
  • Development needs of small, medium to large publishers
  • Increase revenue from advertising for both websites and apps
  • Support SEO service according to customer's request
Success stories is a general information website, has started to cooperate with Netlink since 2017 after experiencing the problem of declining revenue. is a new news site that is updated daily. Website cooperated with Netlink since 2013 until now, there have been certain developments in terms of ad viewing and revenue. In addition, we helped the site solve the problem of restricting ads coming from Google.
One of the oldest partners of Netlink is We have accompanied and developing together since the early days of both sides in 2013.
Although Health Life has only joined the Netlink system since 2020, this is one of the sites that has doubled they revenue since partnering with us.
As an official news site of the Ministry of Transport, has also doubled its revenue from advertising. The amount of viewability has also changed by almost half as much as before thanks to reasonable SEO techniques.
As a news site for sports lovers with a long history of development, has decided to cooperate with Netlink in 2020.
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