Interstitial ads for web - the trend of new ad format 2021

In the 4th quarter of 2020, Google updated the latest version of interstitial ads for the website, now publishers can use the beta version through the accounts of partners with Google to experience the format. This ad on the website of mobile devices and desktop computers.

Web Interstitial is an exclusive and highly impactful ad format whose uniqueness is a combination of brand new inventory access and display privilege. in between page views.

1. What can you get out of this ad format?

CPM is higher
Ability to see higher
CTR is higher
Supervised user experience with frequency capping

Recognizing the opportunities that interstitial brings users, Netlink supports providing advertising solutions, helping to maximize profits for publishers. Leave your information below to work directly with experts on how to effectively monetize advertising.

Specifically: User clicks on a link within an article, initiates an interstitial ad to serve before they reach the next post, with a clear close button to give users the option of what they want. Exiting the ad or clicking on it will take them to the landing page.

2. The function of this ad type improves the user experience on the one hand, while on the other hand drives the impact of the advertisement.

  • Control details, including floor and sell pricing on all trade types
  • Simple setup and low maintenance
  • There is no delay in rendering!
  • Consider load time by prefetching all creatives, the interstitial will be shown when the ad is ready.
  • Complying with Better Industry Advertising Standards
  • Simple quick navigation for users

3. Bring efficiency

After the development phase, there is no doubt that this form of advertising is capable of delivering strong performance with its features. We could see that the user experience is being considered successfully - with in-place protections, such as frequency capping (unlike what we've experienced with Interstitial Ads before ). Web interstitials are now showing increased ad view metrics, good click-through rates, and even higher CPMs.

In some cases, we've seen CPMs higher than $ 15! While frequency is limited to protect the user experience of your site, we still see a good revenue boost from the interstitial ad.

It's important to note that web mediation inventory is only available in Google Ads. We expect Display & Video 360 and other authorized 3rd Party demand platforms will also support this inventory in the near future. Meanwhile, you, yes you, publishers, you can contact Netlink to experience this beta version of interstitial ads.

For all contact information about the cooperation, please send to email:

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