The mistakes you need to avoid when start Google Ads

Where Google Ads becomes a core channel for Marketers, helping them expand their market and increase sales quickly and effectively, but it is not always the case. For the beginners, it is easy to make the following mistakes that can lead them to deviate and lose a lot of investment costs.

1. Self-register advertising with Google to save costs

You know, anyone can post an ad on Google ( follow Google's policy). You just need to create a personal account and pay a monthly fee and your website will easily appear in the sponsored links section of Google. Because of that simplicity and convenience, there are many businesses that register themselves for an advertising account without going through Google's agents or partners. But doing advertising on Google also requires some basic expertise and technology in this field.

The quality of the ad depends on the product's destination link, the relevance of the keyword - the ad word - the content in the destination link. The higher the quality, the lower the cost. Most amateur users do not know how to optimize an ad to minimize costs. So they still incur a quite high cost but do not get a good quality ad.

⇒  Let's find out a Google Ads expert or a reputable agent in the Marketing industry to help you. They always know how to best optimize your ads.

2. Mything in choosing keywords

Keywords are vital in a Google Ads advertising campaign. Choosing the wrong keywords can lead to a whole campaign failure. Inexperienced google Ads users often prefer to use rather generic keywords and assume that the shorter the keywords, the more general the market is. In fact, we have to stand in the position of the searcher on Google to choose keywords.

For example: If you want to buy a laptop. You must have figured out whether you want to buy a Dell or a HP PC. So instead of a fairly general keyword "laptop", you should choose a specific word like "LG laptop". And should not just use the keyword "LG" when you want to advertise a laptop of this company because someone looking for "LG" may be in need of buying a LG washing machine or LG TV or simply want to find out about the brand LG.

⇒ Consult advisors from Google agents and partners. They will be the most reliable advisors in choosing the keywords closest to what you are selling.

3. Confusion between Google ads and organic search results

There are many people who do not distinguish what is a Google ad, which is a website in natural search results.

When you use Google ads, your website or the page within your website will show up in Google's sponsored links (right or top left of the screen) for certain keywords. There are websites that don't need ads that still appear high on the front page. It is the result of the process of SEO (search engine optimize - Search Engine Optimization). We will mention in another article.

⇒ Determine what you need most is reputation, brand or revenue increase or what your strategy for each stage is to get the best opinion from the consultants. Once you determine that, you will know whether your website should use Google ads or should have the help of SEO experts.

4. Put advertisers take care of everything

You spend a monthly sum of money and hand everything over to the advertising agency. Your job is just to sign the contract and pay regularly to maintain the advertisement? It is a mistake to do so. Online advertising in general and search advertising, in particular, require interaction between the ad provider and the business.

Advertising unit consulting and implementing the campaign. Enterprises provide information, modify website content (when needed) and monitor campaigns. It is a standard interaction process between the two sides for the best quality advertising, setting the stage for the success of the entire advertising campaign.

Tip: Treat advertising providers like friends. Facilitate and satisfy the requirements they make. Because these requirements are the "medicine" best for your "child".


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