Why is Adsense Account disabled? How can you solve this?

Many readers and listeners emailed us asking that their Google AdSense account was disabled and were wondering reasons and ways to fix it. Because they didn't receive the previous warning or the detailed reasons Google knocked out the account like that.

So ... Well, let's find out with us.

May you know, Google will send you an email to inform general answer about why the account was disabled and what confuses you is that Google will likely not explain detail causes of the problem (this is understood as Google don't want to reveal specifics about their internal workings that they'd rather not release)

*Note: For better understanding about your things and Google's policy as well you can read more about theirs through Help centre of Google Support / Google disabled account FAQ. They also have a forum dedicated to disabled accounts that you can check out.

So, first, you should make sure your account was disabled or not, because in some cases, you don't find that your AdSense ads were not appearing on your website, but you can still have access to their AdSense account, which doesn't mean your site was knocked out. In fact, maybe that AdSense has been disabled for that particular site, but their account is still active or just don't have advertisers in your niche.

Therefore, let's check other sites to ensure ads are appearing or you could try with another AdSense account added to the site to see if the ads appear for them or not.

The question here: Why does Google disable AdSense accounts?

When I talk with people who have had their AdSense accounts disabled, almost they get what things they did wrong. For those that were not aware, after a small conversation, I realize that they’re unknown about what is and is not allowed under Google’s Policy regarding AdSense accounts. Google has to protect its advertisers and we’re thankful Google is protecting the long-term viability of the AdSense program even if the advertiser doesn't always get real clicks or attention. So the important thing is the advertisers don't want they’ll be receiving and reaching the traffic not good or have bad experience on-site. It will be a waste of resources and time for them.

Here some are the main reasons Google will ban AdSense accounts:

     1. Fake Traffic:

     Publishers will attract traffic from many different sources and can buy traffic coming from shady sources (it is understood that traffic is incentivized or directed to sites through traffic shares, social media, etc. And Often this traffic will have no interest in the particular subject, but does result in clicks that cost the advertiser money This type of traffic is harmful to advertisers… they're paying for traffic that will, ultimately, not convert for them Sticking to search engine optimization (SEO) is a safer route for bloggers and site owners.

     2. Click Fraud:

     Google can detect invalid clicks. Motivating website searches and clicking on ads coming from people around you like friends or family carries greater risks to you than you should be. Some others have attempted to cloak their traffic or use automated software that will click on the sites for them which, you know, is cheating and unacceptable.

     3. Previously Banned Account:

     Sometimes publishers that have previously been banned will attempt to sign up for another account by changing their name, using a friend's contact information, etc. Google is very adept at catching this and will shut you down when caught. Instead of signing up again yourself, consider the options we give below.

A rare but probable case, when the Publisher really does not know what he did, resulting in the account being disabled, is a third party. In some cases, their account was accessed by a partner to get attention or a fraudster wanted to sabotage you. Hope you can find them.

So how do you get your AdSense account back?

To get your account back, you just have to fill an appeal form Google confirms. Here is the link to that form: https://support.google.com/adsense/bin/request.py?hl=en&contact_type=policy_disabled_appeal&rd=1

Besides, these are some articles about bloggers that appealed and were successful:

Your account can be an individual or corporate account (the important thing is they are separate entities, both from a legal and banking). One more thing is whatever it was that got your AdSense account disabled from the previous sites can affect you again if you decide to put that AdSense code on the same sites because they may be bringing the same risk to other sites.

Are there any alternatives to AdSense?

Another approach would be to take a hard look across your sites and focus on monetizing those with the highest revenue. And in fact, you need to consolidate the website content well and write more as presale content. Sometimes, making money from ad networks brings you more revenue than AdSense. Having your AdSense account disabled can be difficult and frustrating. If this has happened to you, we hope the above information will help you to resolve the issue soon.

Is there any other option for me to monetize on my website when I got a ban from Google AdSense?

YES! You can try another ad network, and fortunately, Netlink providing Google Ad Exchange for the website and app then you can try out. It's a similar ad network just like AdSense, so you won't be overwhelmed by the display or confused about how to use it. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need more consultancy on monetizing or optimize your websites/apps, we would be more than happy to help.

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