Google Ad Manager 360 MCM
Support customers to create an Ad Exchange account if you don't have one. Personalized advice for each customer with a website/mobile app to increase ad revenue.
Professional SEO system
Improve your site's traffic and search quality. Implement and evaluate SEO effectiveness, propose an appropriate plan incorporating guidance and transfer SEO technology to publishers.
Google AdSense MCM
Help customers link accounts to Google AdSense MCM in Netlink system. Analyze website content to deliver relevant ads and categorize meanwhile report negative content to publishers.

Work with Netlink to get?

  • Personalize specific solution to each publisher
  • Supports all ad formats for desktop and mobile app
  • Report data updates directly from Google server in real time
  • Diversity of payment methods suitable for publishers' requirements
  • Proposing a reasonable SEO method suit publisher's the request
  • Provide a full range of bidding formats to maximize the best revenue for publishers