'Our achievements are proven by the success of our customers'

Case study


Bongda24h.vn is one of Netlink's recent partners. With its history of development, we realize that the site needs to improve in terms of ad placements to bring appropriate results for each space. different times of the year. With proper advice, this news site has increased viewability to 45.55% compared to the time of cooperation with Netlink in 2020. Along with that, net revenue increased by 116%.


Bao Giaothong.vn is a traffic information channel, so it is very important to adjust the advertising content that appears on the website. This is the first goal that Netlink aims to when starting to receive the page. After joining the Netlink system, from 2020 until now, the page has increased viewability to 60.04% compared to before. At the same time, revenue from advertising increased by 201.1%, which is a huge step forward. This helps the site have more revenue to strengthen the content for the site to grow more and more. Learn more


Suckhoedoisong.vn is the mouthpiece of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam. The purpose of the website is to provide readers with the latest information as well as announcements and changes about medicine in Vietnam. Even though it is a simple news site, because of the importance of health during the recent covid-19 period, the page is interested and trusted by many people. Realizing the big change in users' reading habits, Netlink has helped the site grow significantly in revenue. Specifily, net reveue has increased 202,45%. Although only cooperated in 2020, but with the advertising solutions that Netlink offers for suckhoedoisong.vn,...


Thethao247.vn is one of the most famous sports news sites in Vietnam for many years now. Netlink has understood the site well from the early days of its establishment, so we have contributed ideas on content development as well as experiment with the most appropriate ad placements for the page along with the best performing ad format. With those efforts, we helped the site grow more, with revenue increased by 118.3%. Viewability is enhanced at 51.05% with appropriate advertising tactics for the site. Currently, the website has stabilized and fully developed to display on both mobile devices and desktop devices.


Also one of the customers cooperating with Netlink for a long time, tinmoi.vn has trusted and chosen Netlink to receive more stable revenue from advertising on the page. During the cooperation period, tinmoi.vn had a difficult time because the website's advertising account was restricted by Google. We've helped the site contact the Google Policy team to resolve the issue on the page that caused this restriction. At the same time, Netlink has also taken the time to thoroughly evaluate the website and the ad placements that pose a risk of violating Google's policies and remove them. Currently, the website has...