We are looking to hire a Sales Publisher to work in the Google services sector.

Looking for teammates in the Sales team!!!

Finding a job during the pandemic is not difficult; it mainly depends on whether you want it or not. Due to the company's market expansion needs, Netlink is actively searching for lost comrades to join our sales team. Don't hesitate, apply now!

Job description:

  • Search for and establish customer data for publishers both domestically and internationally (web, mobile, app).
  • Engage, develop, and manage relationships with publishers.
  • Collaborate with the account optimization department to achieve set goals with publishers.
  • Collaborate with other departments to introduce publishers to test new online advertising products from Google.

Candidate requirements:
  • Preferably candidates with at least 1 year of experience in the Digital Marketing field, preferably those who have worked in Digital Marketing Agencies. Logical thinking, basic knowledge of sales and marketing.
  • Graduated in a relevant field such as Business Administration, Marketing, etc.
  • Eager to learn, proactive, willing to research new areas, and take initiative in work. Knowledgeable and willing to learn about Google products such as AdSense, Ad Exchange, Google Ad Manager, etc.
  • Good communication skills in English, confident, and understanding of customer psychology.
  • Basic understanding of MMO (Make Money Online).
  • Experience in business development in the field of internet advertising, media, and marketing.


  • Income ranging from 10,000,000 to 15,000,000 VND (salary deal based on interview performance). Unlimited bonuses based on revenue.
  • 8-hour workday, from Monday to Friday, weekends off.
  • Performance evaluation every 6 months for bonuses and salary adjustments.
  • Enjoy social insurance and health insurance as regulated by the state.
  • Opportunity to work with electronic newspapers and major publishers.
  • Access and stay updated on the latest information about Google products, opportunities to participate in specialized conferences on Google and related fields in Vietnam.
  • Training and in-depth understanding of creating Google AdSense accounts, implementing AdX accounts, managing and taking responsibility for accounts, helping clients analyze and optimize revenue.
  • Work in a dynamic and creative environment with experienced colleagues.
  • Bonuses and holidays according to company policies and regulations.
  • Summer vacations, team building activities according to company policies.

To apply, please send your CV to the email:

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