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1. Ad Manager and Ad Exchange Program Policies

(Hiding ads on websites partnering with Google)

Beginning February 2024, Google Ad Manager will no longer support the option to turn off “Mute This Ad” for reservation ads served to users in the EEA. Instead, reservation creatives for ads served to users in the EEA will display an ad badge and a link to Google’s ad reporting form.

2. GDPR – Consent Management Platform Requirements

In May 2023 we announced in the blogpost titled New Consent Management Platform requirements for serving ads in the EEA and UK that we will require partners who use our publisher products—Google AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob—to use a Google-certified CMP that integrates with IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) when serving ads to users in the European Economic Area (EEA) or the UK. This is a final reminder that enforcement of that requirement will start January 16, 2024. To learn more, review the Google consent management requirements for serving ads in the EEA and UK.


⚛️ Search ranking error, a small number of websites affected, rankings dropped from search results over the weekend

Google has fixed this: “We are aware of a very narrow issue that caused temporary fluctuations in search results for a few websites. The issue has been resolved, and websites will no longer see its impact.

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⚛️Google is testing a new local search box called Events and Nearby Offers.

This feature provides opportunities for local businesses to enhance conversions. To maximize this, you should regularly post and optimize content on your Google My Business (GMB) profile to increase the likelihood of your events and brand transactions being ranked higher

This feature displays four boxes, complete with company names, ad images, and rating rankings.

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⚛️Microsoft releases Copilot Pro, an advanced and faster version of Copilot. Price: $20/month/user.


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⚛️Google is changing Google Assistant, cutting dozens of old features and adding new ones, aiming to “focus on quality and reliability.

Despite Google claiming these changes are to improve Assistant, the company has also laid off hundreds of employees working on this project. This raises concerns about the future of Google Assistant and the impact of AI..

Some features being cut:

Additionally, there are changes to the Google app:

2024 is predicted to be a year of significant changes in the Search field, with the influence of new AI technologies and Google Search Generative Experience.

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⚛️94% of links in Google SGE (Search Generative Experience) differ from top unpaid search results

This means:

Additionally, the research shows:


Read the full analysis here:

Research study – Impact of Google’s Search Generative Experience on unpaid rankings


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⚛️How Google handles meta robot tags related to indexing and tracking on websites

John Mueller shared that the “index” meta robot tag has no effect in Google and is completely ignored. He also explained that indexing and tracking are defaults for Google, and there is no need to use the meta robot tag to request them.

The lack of an “index” tag in the meta robot tag has no function in Google, and Mueller emphasized that Google ignores meta robot tags related to indexing and tracking because these actions are the default behavior of the search engine.

The “noindex” tag will prevent indexing and make tracking links meaningless, as Google cannot follow links on a page not indexed.

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⚛️How to recover search rankings after the “Japanese keyword hack.

“Because someone has attacked your website, even if you have removed traces of the attack, it is essential to understand how they did it so that you can ensure that old vulnerabilities have been closed.”

Mueller suggests automatic updates and transitioning to a security-focused hosting platform may be helpful solutions. He advises that even after cleaning up traces of the hack, it’s essential to understand how to close those vulnerabilities. He mentioned not worrying about old attacked pages still being indexed but not displayed to users because they can persist for months without issues.

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⚛️Addressing spammy links and indexing

Mueller clarified that this is separate from the hacking issue. He recommends not rejecting links, saying that pages will naturally be excluded from search results over time. It’s suggested to proactively block search result pages for any new or existing websites to avoid the potential exploitation by spammers.

⚛️ Is the homepage most important for Google?

Gary Illyes firmly asserts that a website’s homepage is the most important page for Google. Illyes says: “First, you want to find out if that page is in the search or not. Because if the page is not in the search, you’ve narrowed it down to two very specific things.”

In the context of checking if Google can collect data from a website, he continues:

“Typically I start with the home page, because obviously I can’t speak for other search engines, but from Google’s point of view, the home page is the most important page on the website, and the home page here is kind of fuzzy because it can be the page where users land when they enter your domain or your server’s name.”

Like if redirects to, that would be your homepage.

Check that because we, as well as Google, will try our best to index or gather data and index that content.

If it’s not indexed, then you might be facing some issues.”


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⚛️ Overview of a mobile game in January 2024

These numbers indicate that there are 9091 games released, which have garnered significant attention with 23.4 million new installations, and a total of 4.51 million advertisements during the given period. This reflects the popularity of the game and marketing efforts through advertising.


⚛️ Popular game genres in January 2024

These numbers illustrate the market distribution among game genres on both platforms. Casual and Puzzle are the most popular genres on both Android and iOS, while other genres like Simulation, Arcade, and Action also have significant presence. This diversity demonstrates the variety of preferences and choices among players on both operating systems.


⚛️ The most advertised games in January 2024

Android Operating System:

Puzzle games and puzzles are the two most advertised genres. There is diversity in genres, with representation from 10 different genres. Popular brands like Monopoly and PUBG Mobile are also featured in advertisements.

iOS Operating System:

There is less genre diversity compared to Android, with only 6 genres represented. Popular brands like Monopoly, Candy Crush Saga, and Genshin Impact are also advertised.


⚛️Ranking of game developers in January 2024

SayGames Ltd leads in both rankings, indicating their productivity as game developers in January 2024. Homa and CASUAL AZUR GAMES also perform well in both categories, showcasing them as prominent game developers. Some developers only appear in the top 10 by the number of games released (such as Yso Corp, VOODOO, Hippo Kids Games) or by the number of advertisements (such as IGG.COM, Matchingham Games, 1SOFT, Playrix, COGNOSPHERE PTE. LTD., Hungry Studio). This ranking is based on January 2024 data and may change over time.



⚛️ Overview of mobile apps in January 2024


⚛️ Top 10 app categories in January 2024


⚛️ The most advertised apps in January 2024

Several apps appear in the top 10 for both operating systems, including TikTok, SHEIN-Shopping Online, and Facebook. Shopping and social media apps are the most advertised on both operating systems. Some apps only appear in the top 10 for one operating system, for example, Temu and NewsBreak only appear on Android, while Shopee and Ticketmaster only appear on iOS.


⚛️ Top app developers in January 2024


⚛️ Top 20 trending searches in the United States

Top 10: Game-related searches occupy 8 positions in the top 10, including “no wifi games,” “basketball games,” “jo games,” “art games,” “games for kids,” “makeup games,” “puzzle games,” “music games,” “soccer games,” and “skateboard games.” This shows the popularity of electronic games across all ages and genders.

Top 11-20: Other searches include “airplane games,” “board games,” “monster truck games,” “bike games,” “pic collage maker,” “keyboard fonts,” “house design,” “stickman games,” “farming simulator,” and “ball games.” These represent diverse interests and activities of users.