Newsletter google deceber 2023



⚛️Fixed advertising: Tool results to increase revenue from websites.

Fixed advertising is a type of ad that appears at the top, bottom, or alongside a webpage and remains visible as users scroll. Fixed ads can enhance revenue generation for websites by using high-performing formats and adhering to better Ad Standards. Users can collapse fixed ads at any time by clicking on the arrow.

The following are types of fixed ads:

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Fixed advertising: Tool results to increase revenue from websites.

⚛️ Updates to New Search Ads 360 connector field names.

The display names for several fields in the New Search Ads 360 data source have been updated.

New connections to the New Search Ads 360 data source will use the new display names. Existing connections to the New Search Ads 360 data source won’t be affected. You can also manually update the display names for existing data source connections..

⚛️ Google Ads pilots conversions account level diagnostic tab

The new feature provides weekly updated data, allowing you to review your current measurement settings for better campaign performance.

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⚛️ Announcement – Google is updating ad distribution requirements in the United Kingdom and Europe 

Enforcement will commence on January 16, 2023, impacting a small percentage of traffic in the EEA and the UK. Subsequently, it will gradually expand to all traffic in the EEA and the UK by the end of February 2024.

Under the new regulations, publishers and developers using Google AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob in these regions must utilize a certified Consent Management Platform (CMP) that has been endorsed by Google and integrated with the IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF).

Instructions for setting up CMP in Google Ad Manager.

⚛️ Google is rolling out programmatic bidding for restricted ads

In the first quarter of 2024, Google will introduce a feature supporting programmatic bidding on eligible ad spaces for restricted ads. Publishers can enable this new distribution mode to utilize cookies for detecting invalid traffic and local memory for both consented and non-consented traffic, in response to demands from Google, Authorized Buyers, Open Bidding, and Bidding SDK for restricted ads. Learn more about programmatic bidding for restricted ads.

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Starting from January 2024, Google Ads will cease processing requests to combine multiple calls in the combined bidding setup. This is a further step in the platform’s transition to real-time auctioning for publisher app placements.

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II. GOOGLE SEO December 2023

⚛️ Google Updates Spam And Ranking Systems Guidance

Google updated their spam policies for web search and the guide to ranking systems to clarify how Google handles sites with a high number of non-consensual explicit imagery and requests for their removals.

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⚛️ Google Reviews Update Finished

Google has completed the release of their final published Rating System update. Future updates to the rating system will no longer be published as the algorithms supporting the Rating System will be regularly and continuously updated.

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⚛️ New Google Labs Design with 12 AI experiments For Search & Creativity

Google recently launched a new design for Labs with 12 artificial intelligence (AI) experiments, tools, and projects, showcasing a commitment to advancing AI technology.

Here are 12 AI experiments from Google that appear in popular products such as Search, Workspace, and YouTube.

Quickly summarizes topics, generates new ideas, and simplifies further research

AI assistant for creative writing, utilizing Google’s PaLM 2 and combining artistic perspectives to enhance artistic expression.

Enhanced by Gemini Pro, Google Bard smoothly integrates with Google services like YouTube, Gmail, and Maps through extensions.

Google AI-supported NotebookLM changes how you read, take notes, ask questions, and organize ideas.

Duet AI for Google Workspace supports writing, visualization, and collaborative organization, streamlining everyday tasks in Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet.

“Say What You See” is an AI experiment teaching artistic image prompting skills.

Exclusive to YouTube Premium members, providing early access to AI experimental features.

Potentially a valuable tool for developers, enhancing cross-platform app optimization and supporting rapid code creation and translation.

Allows users to create and play AI-generated music with over 100 instruments from around the world.

Magic Compose suggests contextual and appropriate text replies for Android users.

Allows users to automate smart homes using AI without the need for coding knowledge.

Google Photos’ Magic Editor provides AI photo editing, promising better tools for advertisers to quickly edit advertising images.

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⚛️ Google Gemini is here – and it’s already being tested in Search

On December 6, 2023, Google announced Gemini, a large multimodal language model, and confirmed that the AI model would be integrated into Search and Ads in the coming year. While Gemini is currently undergoing testing in Search, Google has confirmed that it will soon become part of the Google Search experience. Additionally, if you are using Chat GPT for any of your daily tasks, you may want to check out the upgraded Bard to see whether Bard matches or surpasses the capabilities of the free Chat GPT version provided by GPT-3.5.

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gemini is here

⚛️ Google Search Console stops reporting on product search results in the Performance report

Google Search Console will cease reporting on product search results in the Performance report within Search Console and the Search Console API starting January 2024. Websites with product pages will soon no longer be able to click on the search interface filter and view the product results option.

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⚛️ Google Maps updates provide users with more control over location data storage and recent activity.

With these updates, users will be able to manage their Location History with higher precision. However, these changes may impact the analytical data that marketers use for location-based targeting.

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⚛️ Google local search ranking algorithm strengthens ‘openness’ signal

Sullivan says: The team tells me we’ve long used “openness” as part of our local ranking systems, and it recently became a stronger signal for non-navigational queries. This might change in various ways, as we continue to evaluate the usefulness of it, however)

Don’t change your business hours. “If you are a business that’s open 24-hours a day, this would benefit you in the evenings when your competitors disappear but you still rank,” the report said. “This might change in various ways, as we continue to evaluate the usefulness of it, however. … I wouldn’t recommend businesses do this, given the ranking signal may continue to be.adjusted.”  If you notice changes to your Google Business Profile listings, this may be why. It is also important to ensure your business hours reflect your true open hours because if you make up your business hours, you never know if you can be hit by a penalty in the future.

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⚛️ Google officially discontinues the Mobile Usability report, Mobile-Friendly Test tool, and Mobile-Friendly Test API

Google informed us in April 2023 that this would take place on December 1, and today, on December 4, Google announced that this has been implemented.

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⚛️ The hierarchical site structure is a good choice for SEO?

Google’s Gary IIIyes says: depends on the site’s size.

For a large site it’s likely better to have a hierarchical structure; that will allow you to do funky stuff on just one section, and will also allow search engines to potentially treat different sections differently, especially when it comes to crawling.

For example, having a /news/ section for newsy content and /archives/ for old content would allow search engines to crawl /news/ faster than the other directory. If you put everything in one directory, that’s hardly possible.”

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⚛️Kwalee and Fahy Studios partner to develop global hit games in the KSA

With a focus on the hybridcasual space, Fahy Studios has so far been committed to creating easy-to-play hypercasual games though plans to move into casual games and “More polished and established genres.” Kwalee took to LinkedIn to share the news where it describes Fahy as an aspiring dev studio, “Focusing on building fresh mechanics and engaging loops in hybridcasual games.” The company went on to say it is utilizing years of experience to, “Explore promising markets and back the best talent and games out there”.

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Kwalee and Fahy Studios collaborate to develop globally popular games in KSA.

⚛️ Google agrees to pay $700 million and change app store rules after antitrust settlement

The tech giant is required to pay $630 million of the total to a fund that will “be distributed for the benefit of consumers”. The remaining $70 million will go to a fund “that will be used by the states”. 

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⚛️ Increased consumer spending on holiday-themed apps in the US.

According to Data.AI data on user spending in the first week of December 2019 for the top 10 holiday-themed apps. Not only did users download this themed app and watch ads, but they also spent more and more compared to the same period in 2022. About half a million dollars were spent in the first week of December 2023 in the US, the numbers are modest but show that spending on these applications has increased 25% since 2019 and 16% over the same period last year, after increasing 9% in 2022 and decreasing 10% in 2021