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⚛️ Learn about real-time bidding and changes to Google Ads


Google Ads will begin transitioning away from the waterfall auction model to real-time bidding for in-app ads. This change applies to all publishers; you should switch to real-time bidding » See more HERE!

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⚛️ Support for IAB’s New Video Signal Placement


Now, video publishers are encouraged to adhere to the latest IAB video standards for in-stream advertising by declaring ad breaks in their streams as “in-stream” or “associated content.” Publishers can send a new signal called plcmt on the ad tag. 


⚛️ Google Introduces New Ad Review Center for AdSense Ad Manager and AdMob New Features




New Features:


– Larger Ad Viewing Area: The new Ad Review Center has an improved layout to maximize the space for viewing ads..


– New, User-Friendly Filters: Google has added new filters to facilitate quicker and simpler selection of states like ‘Allowed’ and ‘Blocked..


– Easier Batch Actions: The search tool has introduced a prominent ‘Select All’ button, making it easier to perform actions across ad pages


– Simplified Image Search: The new Ad Review Center has implemented a more prominent ‘Search by Image’ button and improved search results. Now, it also displays image search requests in the image selection dialog.


– Enhanced Detail View Mode: Lastly, the platform has updated the detail view mode by adding an expandable ‘Ad Information’ area with more metadata and a new ‘Related Ads’ tab to help find related ads faster.. » See more HERE!


⚛️ Google is updating its policies for your Video publishers (scheduled for 1/4/2024).


The policy changes will impact all video ad spaces on AdSense, Ad Manager, and AdMob in accordance with Google’s Publisher policies. » See more HERE!



Users are experiencing difficulties loading the latest AdMob data as some click-through events are not displaying in the reports. » See more HERE!



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⚛️Google Rolls Out November 2023 Reviews Update


Google announced it’s rolling out the November 2023 reviews update.This update marks a shift in how Google will handle review-based content from now on. Google will no longer provide notifications about review system improvements, as they will be ongoing. » See more HERE!


⚛️ Google Rolls Out November 2023 Core Update


Core updates are periodic adjustments to the algorithms that power Google’s search results. They’re designed to improve the relevance and quality of the web pages shown for search queries. » See more HERE!


⚛️Google Removing Crawl Rate Limiter Tool From Search Console


Google announced that it is sunsetting the search console crawl rate limiter tool, scheduled to be removed on January 8, 2024, citing improvements to crawling that has essentially made it unnecessary. » See more HERE!


⚛️ Alt tags affect your organic search rankings?


Alt text is an HTML image attribute. It allows you to create an alternative text version of your image if it cannot load or has an accessibility issue. » See more HERE!


⚛️ Google introduces “Notes” feature in Search Labs to let users add comments and insights on search results

With Notes, users who opt-in through Google’s Search Labs will see a “Notes” button under certain search results and Discover articles in the Google app.. » See more HERE!


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⚛️Is it possible to locate broken links in a similar manner to identifying expired domain names?


“John Mueller responded:“If you want to see which links to your website are broken & “relevant”, you can look at the analytics of your 404 page and check the referrers there, filtering out your domain.This brings up those which actually get traffic, which is probably a good proxy.If you have access to your server logs, you could get it in a bit more detail + see which ones search engine bots crawl.It’s a bit of technical work, but no external tools needed, and likely a better estimation of what’s useful to fix/redirect.” » See more HERE!


⚛️New Google Search Feature Is A Shopping Portal


Google announced a new search feature for shopping deals that is powered by Google’s Shopping Graph, a dataset of the entire world’s shopping information plus numerous updates to Chrome that makes it more shopping oriented.

» See more HERE!


⚛️Mueller Advises On When Not To “Fix” 404 Pages


“Keep in mind that you don’t have to fix 404 pages, having things go away is normal & fine. The SEO ‘value’ of bringing a 404 back is probably less than the work you put into it.” » See more HERE!


⚛️ Google Fixes Discover Traffic Bug Caused By October Core Update


On November 1, Google announced it detected and fixed a bug affecting how its October 2023 core update was applied to Discover. As a result, some sites may now notice increased Discover-related traffic.


⚛️Google adds small business filter to shopping search results


Google added a new business attribute for small businesses to showcase they are small. You can add it under your Google Business Profile, where you edit your listing and select your attributes. » See more HERE!


⚛️Google Search Console adds robots.txt report.


Google has sunset the robots.txt tester. Google has released a new robots.txt report within Google Search Console. Google also made relevant information around robots.txt available from within the Page indexing report in Search Console. » See more HERE!




⚛️ Adjust and TikTok boast 220% iOS app conversion leap with SKAdNetwork 4


Adjust worked with TikTok to look at 37 apps in the latter’s beta testing in the UK, US and Japan, determining how SKAN 4’s elongated 35-day attribution window affected conversions. Through the study, results showed TikTok’s overall cost per acquisition improved by 37% and conversion rates improved by a massive 220%, demonstrating strong advantages for mobile app makers and marketers in using SKAN 4. » See more HERE!


⚛️ Analytics specialist Sensor Tower are producing AI-driven insights reports


As our customers are asking for more context and consultation along with our data, Sensor Tower’s (human) insights team is spending more time on custom reports and more sector based analysis. We are in the early days of seeing if AI generated short-form posts can be a public facing and factual complement to these deeper insights driven reports,” said Seema Shah, senior director of research and head of investor research at Sensor Tower. » See more HERE!


⚛️ Unity’s Supersonic platform launches two big updates enhancing KPI insights


We believe that this update is a game changer in the industry. Sometimes a positive test is dismissed unnecessarily because the main KPI doesn’t show a statistical change. However, it’s possible that the audience size was not big enough or that the knock-on effect of a test works in favour of other KPIs that are equally as important to the developer,” said Supersonic from Unity. » See more HERE!


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