tinmoi.vn is a new news site that is updated daily. Website cooperated with Netlink since 2013 until now, there have been certain developments in terms of ad viewing and revenue. In addition, we helped the site solve the problem of restricting ads coming from Google.

Optimizing ad positions on desktop & mobile
Consulting AMP implementation
Optimizing the overall On-page SEO
Optimizing the overall On-page SEO
Revenue growth in 2 months
Traffic growth in 3 months
Also one of the customers cooperating with Netlink for a long time, tinmoi.vn has trusted and chosen Netlink to receive more stable revenue from advertising on the page. During the cooperation period, tinmoi.vn had a difficult time because the website's advertising account was restricted by Google. We've helped the site contact the Google Policy team to resolve the issue on the page that caused this restriction. At the same time, Netlink has also taken the time to thoroughly evaluate the website and the ad placements that pose a risk of violating Google's policies and remove them. Currently, the website has gone into normal operation with a viewability of 61.5%, thanks to that, revenue has grown by 115%.