Since July 2023, Netlink has regained its status as a Google Certified Publishing Partner, being the only trusted partner in Southeast Asia chosen by Google for this program.

Why did Netlink become a Google Certified Publishing Partner?

We understand how to optimize Google's solutions for publishers.

As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Netlink aims to help publishers grow and thrive. Google selected us for this program based on our proven capabilities and skills demonstrated through our work with Google AdSense and Google DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business. We assist publishers in generating revenue from their websites and optimize to ensure partners receive maximum revenue per visit. We help publishers develop their websites across various display platforms, increase traffic, optimize for mobile devices, and explore new content formats to ultimately increase their revenue.

Superior effectiveness from certified skills.

Why should publishers choose to work with a Google-certified partner like Netlink?

Because we provide continuous support in tasks such as ad setup, managing and optimizing ad placements, analyzing results, and addressing technical issues, allowing you to spend more time on what you do best: creating engaging content for your website. Google has awarded us a badge so that you can recognize and trust us as a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

Share your strategy to receive the best support from us.
We will make online advertising more effective and easier for you. Additionally, we will understand your needs to provide you with the following support: 
- Initiate, manage, and test advertising campaigns
- Dedicated Account Manager focused on assisting you
- Generate revenue from websites
- Analyze website performance
- Consult on Google's advertising policies
- Provide technological support
- Access valuable advertising networks
Google introduced the Google Certified Publishing Partner program to further assist publishers in their development. We are proud to be one of the partners selected by Google based on our deep understanding of these fields to grow alongside our partners.
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