New Updates of Header Bidding on Google Ad Manager

Find out now about Header Bidding upgrades on Google Ad Manager.

With the strong and rapid growth of today's advertising providers, each publisher has a lot of options to find the right reputable provider to monetize their online content. Understanding that need, Google Ad Manager has upgraded the Header Bidding feature. Let's learn about these new updates with Netlink!

Currently, more than 90% of major publishers choose to sell their inventory using header bidding. In addition, to ensure more online income, you can also use Header Bidding in combination with server-side solutions like Open Bidding. New Header Bidding updates make it easier for publishers to manage the process and provide new insights into ad performance.

1. Easier setup process:

The thing that makes publishers feel uncomfortable with Header Bidding is that the auction setup process can be resource- and time-consuming. This requires publishers to manage hundreds of line items and creatives.

To simplify this, Google has developed a new method that allows publishers to set up bidding across yield groups. With just a few simple steps, publishers can provide their ad space to Ad Exchange or Header Bidding as they wish. At this point, the request will be included in the unified auction. Currently, the beta version of Header Bidding has been put into use.

2. Improve reporting:

In addition to an upgrade to the auction setup process, Google has also made additional reporting improvements to provide publishers with more insight. Specifically about Header Bidding performance. Previously, publishers could use the Data Transfer file to get an idea of how much a buyer would need to put up to win the auction. You may use this information to provide advertisers with goodwill, including partners on Header Bidding.

Google has also revealed that they are developing a new reporting feature to provide more detailed performance information. This promises publishers to use GAM to automatically detect which line items are being used in Header Bidding. Allows publishers to easily compare pricing performance across their ad supplies.

3. Give more control to publishers:

Google's efforts to give publishers more and more control over each person's business goals are undeniable. Typically, Ad Manager allows users to freely combine the features available in their account according to their own needs.

Although Header Bidding still has some limitations such as lag and poor user experience, the high level of interaction is still a factor that makes publishers unable to ignore this feature.

Currently, Header Bidding is still in beta, and this is an opportunity for publishers to submit reports and suggestions about their experience.

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