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✴️ Mediation chains no longer have to be associated with yield groups


The metrics “Mediation chains served,” “Mediation fill rate,” and “Mediation passbacks”‘ have moved from the “Yield group” category to a new “Mediation chain” category. We’ve also added a new metric, “Mediation chains filled” (Beta) that gives a better picture of the ads delivered as part of a mediation chain. “Mediation chains filled” will populate in reporting from September 2023 onward.

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✴️New metric to Reach reports: “Estimated total unique visitors”.

We’ve introduced a new metric to Reach reports: “Estimated total unique visitors.” This metric represents the total unique users, similar to “Total unique visitors.” On rows where the “Total unique visitors” metric is null, this metric provides an estimate of unique visitors in order to report an estimated reach for as many rows as possible.

✴️ Ending support of one-click allowlisting for Ad blocking messages

Google will end support for the one-click allowlisting feature for Ad blocking messages by the end of 2023. Ad blocking messages will show instructions to end users on how to allow ads on the site. Publishers who had the “Help users allowlist your sites with one click” toggle enabled will no longer see this control in their accounts later in the year.


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✴️ Google had an issue with serving search results to some users, but it was resolved within an hour.


Google: We fixed the issue with serving search results. There will be no more updates.


✴️ Google has introduced a new signal and performance maximization campaign called “Search themes.”

The search theme feature allows advertisers to provide information about their business or clients to help improve performance. Search themes will take precedence over broad match and phrase match keywords in the search inventory. You can add up to 25 unique search themes per asset group.


Google has provided five examples of cases where advertisers should use search themes:


See more here!


✴️  Google is rolling out the “about this image” feature and adding new links to SGE AI-powered answers


The “about this image” feature helps users learn more about the history of an image, how other websites describe and use the image, and information about the image’s data, including AI. Google is also adding AI descriptions of the source of the information.




The “About this image” feature: This feature helps users check the credibility and context of the images they see online. It allows them to view the history of an image, how other websites use and describe the image, and information about image data, including AI. Users can access this feature by clicking on the three dots on an image in Google Search results or by clicking “more about this page” in search results.


Fact Check Explorer adds image searching: Fact Check Explorer enables journalists and fact-checkers to delve deeper into an image or topic. Users can search for fact checks that have been assessed by independent organizations worldwide by uploading or copying the image’s URL. This feature helps reduce the time spent on image verification.


SGE provides source information: SGE allows users to view AI-generated descriptions of certain sources, along with information from high-quality websites discussing that source. These descriptions appear in the “more about this page” section for some sources where there is no existing overview from Wikipedia or Google Knowledge Graph..


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✴️ Google’s October 2023 spam update is now completed.


This update targeted various spam tactics and had a significant impact on non-English languages. Its aim was to reduce the amount of spam displayed in search results, particularly in cases of cloaking, hacking, auto-generation, and scraped content.


Google has confirmed that the October 2023 spam update has finished rolling out after 15 days and 12 hours of deployment, starting on October 4, 2023, and ending on October 20, 2023.



✴️ Google’s October 2023 Core Update has been completed.


This is an important update, emphasizing the significance of monitoring Google’s algorithm updates because they can impact a website’s performance in search results. There are currently no specific measures to recover a website affected by a core update.

To review Google’s updates, you can visit: Google Algorithm Updates


✴️ Google has removed the user agent “Favicon” and allows Googlebot and Googlebot-Image to index the website’s favicon.


If you are experiencing issues with Google displaying your website’s favicon in search results, please review the recent developer documentation on this topic. Additionally, ensure that you are not blocking Googlebot and Googlebot-Image in your robots.txt file.


✴️ Google Adds New Structured Data for Vehicle Listings


Google has added new structured data and support for vehicle listings, aiming to help car dealerships display their car inventory information on Google.


Structured data for vehicle listings has been added to Google’s help documentation. Car dealerships have two ways to add their inventory: through structured data markup on their websites (emphasized in the documentation), and through feed files uploaded to the vehicle listings partner portal.


Google notes that the rich results for vehicle listings are currently available in English in the United States and U.S. territories, accessible on both mobile and desktop interfaces.


In addition, Google introduced a new rich result report in Search Console to monitor structured data issues related to vehicle listings. They have also updated their Rich Results Test tool to support vehicle listing structured data. This tool allows users to instantly verify the validity of their structured data without waiting for Rich result reports to update.


In summary, Google’s new structured data for vehicle listings aims to enhance visibility for car dealerships on Google. The addition of reporting tools and updates in Search Console and the Rich Results Test tool helps users monitor and validate their structured data. This development is particularly useful for car dealerships and those looking to improve their presence on Google.


✴️ Google Search Officially Discontinues Indented Results


Google has ceased displaying indented results in its search listings. Previously, Google often displayed indented search results below the main results when those results came from the same domain. However, in recent weeks, Google has discontinued indenting these results.



Specifically, Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, posted, “We stopped doing ‘indented’ results a few weeks back.” Sullivan stated, “Google stopped doing indented results because, especially with continuous scrolling, it wasn’t as useful as it used to be.”



✴️ Google Search Generative Experience can now create images


Google has introduced a feature that allows SGE to create images using artificial intelligence, enabling users to request SGE to “draw a picture of” something and edit the image afterward. Additionally, SGE can create draft text to assist in the research and writing process. The SGE image creation feature is currently available in English in the United States for users who have opted into the SGE experiment and are 18 years or older. Google continues to enhance SGE by adding artificial intelligence features, making it exciting to follow its expansion and development.


✴️ Google is testing a more refined Search Creative Experience design


This version is called the condensed SGE version, where Google displays a few lines of text from quick AI-generated snapshots with the ability to expand that answer to see more. See more here!


✴️ Google brings Bard to Google Assistant.


Users can interact with Assistant through Bard via text, voice, or images, and this tool is capable of reading Gmail emails, Google Docs, and other Google services.


This version combines Bard’s creative abilities with Google Assistant’s personal assistant features. Google is making Assistant smarter by providing contextually relevant experiences on the user’s devices. This version will soon be released on iOS and Android after an initial testing period. See more!


✴️ Google Lighthouse 11.2.0 Update Bringing Detailed PageSpeed Information


Lighthouse has updated how performance scores are calculated, ranked, and prioritized based on their estimated impact on performance metrics.


Google has announced a new version of Lighthouse with various changes in how performance scores are calculated and displayed. These new Lighthouse updates will soon appear in PageSpeed Insights and will be released in the DevTools of an upcoming Chrome version.


This new version comes with significant changes in the Performance category. Additionally, the performance score gauge now provides more detailed information on how each metric impacts the score.


One of the changes that might be easily overlooked is the alignment fix for PageSpeed Insights gauges, ensuring they are correctly organized rather than randomly arranged as before. Lighthouse Changelog:


✴️ Google cập nhật tài liệu Discover: Lý do lưu lượng từ  Discover có thể thay đổi


Google has updated its documentation for Google Discover to clarify why websites may lose traffic from Discover. Discover is a personalized feed of content on topics related to user interests, and there is no way to optimize to increase traffic from Discover. The reasons for traffic changes include changing user interests, variations in the types of content displayed, and updates to Google’s search algorithm. Discover should not be relied upon as a stable source of traffic for building a business model. You can read the full Google documentation on why Discover traffic might change over time here.




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✴️ South-east Asian mobile gaming market to exceed $7 billion in revenue by 2027


 “As a mobile-first market with a huge esports fanbase, Southeast Asia offers tremendous opportunities for global game companies. Their increased presence in the region showcases how promising the Southeast Asia market is,” said Lisa Hanson, CEO and President of Niko Partners. See more here!


✴️ Harmony Games raises $3M in seed round to build an AI puzzle game


Harmony is hoping to create something novel in the densely populated mobile puzzle scene through its use of artificial intelligence, building landscapes, 3D environments and characters with unique attributes. Harmony also hopes to build The World of Tiles universe, with Tiles Delight characters and narratives crossing over into at least two future games. See more here!


✴️ Squid Game, Wednesday, Black Mirror, and more could become mobile games


While we don’t know what form the new games will take, but Netflix has built a portfolio of games in a variety of genres, including visual novels on the newly launched Netflix Stories app. With a vast catalogue of established IPs with their own built-in fanbases, there is plenty of space for new adaptations, not only expanding Netflix’s gaming platform but potentially attracting new users to Netflix’s wider offerings.


✴️ Mobile Generative AI Application spending growth in the first three quarters of 2023

The fast-emerging category generated slightly more than $125 million in global consumer spending on in-app purchases during Q3 (not including third-party Android stores). This was record spending for the category, but at 9% quarter-over-quarter, the growth was nothing compared to that seen in Q2. Seemore here!