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⚛️ Codeless ad units for anchor and interstitial ads (Beta)

Codeless ad units let publishers implement interstitial and anchor ad units without tagging their pages, saving publisher time and resources. For more details, visit Create a codeless ad unit

⚛️ Experiment with new monetization opportunities with Offerwall (Beta)

With Offerwall, you can let your users access content by choosing to view a rewarded ad, without making code changes to your site. You can customize Offerwall by defining which parts of your site you want Offerwall to show on, setting the number of pageviews you want visitors to see before showing Offerwall, and designing the look and feel of the Offerwall. For more details, visit About Offerwall messages.

Experiment with new monetization opportunities with Offerwall


⚛️Google Update 2024

The rollout of the March 2024 spam update has been completed

The March 2024 core update is currently underway.

Google’s March 2024 core update is bringing significant changes to the SEO industry. This major update may scan the web similarly to how the Panda and Penguin updates did.”

⚛️Google adds 3D model markup for structured product data

Google: ‘Sometimes 3D models appear on pages with multiple products and are not clearly associated with any specific product. This markup allows website owners to link 3D models to a specific product.’

⚛️ Bing Deep Search officially rolled out for all users

Deep Search is built on Bing’s web index and ranking system. It then utilizes GPT-4 to discern all possible intents and variations behind queries and computes descriptions for each intent to generate an ‘ideal set of results.

⚛️What to do with spammy backlinks deemed to have a negative impact on ranking

Mr. Mueller asserts that there’s no need to take action on these links as Google will disregard them. Instead, he advises publishers to focus on making their websites excellent rather than pursuing those links. He also points out that third-party ‘authority’ metrics don’t provide insight into how Google evaluates a website and that many experienced SEO professionals don’t rely on those metrics. This underscores the importance of focusing on content quality and user experience rather than concerning oneself with external factors like spammy backlinks or third-party ‘authority’ metrics.”

⚛️Googlebot prioritizes gathering high-quality content

Google’s Search Relations team revealed that high-quality content, focused on users, is the key to increasing data collection demand, dispelling misconceptions about data collection budgets.

By prioritizing quality, relevance, and user experience, website owners can ensure that their valuable pages are discovered, data is collected, and indexed by Google – without worrying about reaching arbitrary limits.”


⚛️Google’s ‘Pure Spam’ manual action and how to handle websites affected by it

This action is taken when a website employs aggressive spam techniques that impact the quality of Google search results. Google provides guidance on identifying whether a website has been penalized, along with steps to address the issue and request a reconsideration. Google emphasizes focusing on content quality, adhering to Google’s guidelines, and proposing long-term strategies rather than just making immediate fixes. Google also answers some frequently asked questions and provides recommendations on how to approach issues related to traffic when websites encounter them.”

⚛️Microsoft updates Bing Webmaster Tools with New IndexNow Insights and top SEO details

IndexNow Insights provide website owners with detailed information about URLs submitted via IndexNow to enhance their visibility and ranking. Through both high-level metrics and detailed reports, website owners now have a comprehensive view of the performance of indexed URLs submitted via IndexNow, enabling them to make more strategic, informed decisions to improve their online visibility.

⚛️Google Search Console adds the Interaction with Next Paint (INP) metric to the Core Web Vitals report.

INP has replaced First Input Delay (FID) as a core website metric in March. To assess your current INP score, you can use tools like PageSpeed Insights and Chrome User Experience Report. Google advises aiming for the ‘good’ threshold, indicating performance at the 75th percentile of page loads.”




⚛️ The global game market in March 2024 has


⚛️ The global apps market in March 2024 has