Why your monetizing on apps with ads not efficient?

Reasons why your mobile app is not monetizing effectively from ads.

1. Make money with your mobile apps

In different ways, publishers can increase the revenue coming from their applications in different ways. But in this article, Netlink will only talk about the form of advertising income of applications and the difficulties you may face when making money from advertising on your application.

2. The reasons why it is difficult for apps to increase revenue from advertising:

The form of advertising displayed in the application may not be unfamiliar to any user of smart mobile devices. Almost all publishers tend to advertise from mainstream, reputable, and high-quality providers like Google. With an abundant ad supply and transparency in policy and payment, Google is always at the top of the list of official advertising providers. Although there is a limit on what content for apps can display Google ads, this is not too difficult to do.
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Based on Google's policies and the experience of thousands of trusted customers, we've come up with several reasons why your app isn't getting high returns from Google ads, and top of them are content. The content of the application is not attractive. For example, your app is a news app, but if you don't update the news every day, placing ads in your app won't work either.
Ads need to be displayed to users, but if you don't update new content for your application (usually an update to upgrade the user experience or system), it is an act of pushing your users to other competitors in the market. This lack of updates has the potential to cause your application to crash when it can no longer satisfy user needs.
Ad position
One of the things that directly affect the user experience is the placement of ads. Google offers a variety of ad formats so that publishers can choose to display them on their apps as well as on their websites without affecting the user experience. Imagine you are a user and when you open the application, after each operation the ad displays in full screen making you wait to be able to skip the ad. After 3-5 operations, you will gradually lose patience and decide to delete the application.
There are a lot of apps both on the Play Store (Google) and the App Store (Apple) that get reviews as apps with too many ads. In general, this also causes users to leave you, and without users, your application cannot function at its best. At this point, it doesn't matter if you show ads or not because you no longer have users to see ads.
Technical problems in the application
Sometimes the problem simply comes from the response time from your server. With a game application, the response time from the server is very important. The player performs an operation, but the waiting time for the machine to perform is too long or the operation cannot be performed, leading to inhibition from the user's side. Apps that are too heavy in total will also limit the number of users who can download and use the app regularly.
Is one reason that few publishers pay attention to is the user interface. Some applications focus only on functionality and forget about the equally important user experience. Users will easily delete your application when the first experience in functionality is not good. Sometimes just when a necessary function but too hard to find or manipulate is enough to cause users to abandon the application.
Therefore, a harmonious layout, efficient colors combo, and easily visible navigation buttons should be taken into account when publishers design the application.
For each application, the user is the main catalyst to evaluate whether the application is developed and receives the necessary attention from the publisher. The users are the ones who will help you to increase your revenue so if possible, help the users to fix the weaknesses or bugs in your app. With a relatively large number of users, it is not difficult to bid high prices for each ad position. Hope this article helps you to identify the problems you are having with your application.
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